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When Jeff Robbins, Linda Bean, and Robert Brazier began making music together in 2001... they had very little intention of repeating their past. As members of alt-rock band Orbit (A&M Records), singer Jeff and bassist Linda had chalked up a top 10 modern rock single, crisscrossing North America playing tons of festivals and club dates and garnered a large fan base. Robert had a similar experience drumming for Smackmelon (Relativity) – the pre-grunge era alt-trio started by ex-members of Bullet la Volta.


Inspired by electronic music and DJ culture they began to create atmospheric loop-oriented songs that fuse dreamy electronica with indie-rock. Gone was Orbit¹s wall-of-guitar sound, replaced with electric pianos and keyboards that intertwine themselves with bouncing basslines and breakbeats. The music ranges from unabashedly romantic and uplifting to big beat block rock. The new band is called Well.

Described as Moby meets Foo Fighters, Well throws indie-rock conventions out the window incorporating audio tapes and synced video projections into their innovative and energetic live shows. Well¹s songs are remixes of themselves. The rhythmically anchored arrangements are just as likely to feature a string quartet as an 808 drum machine. Brazier and Bean¹s circular rhythms range from sedate to sadistic and provide a solid foundation for Robbins¹ strong and emotional vocals and textural acoustic and electric guitars.

Well has been recording demos and is currently performing shows throughout New York and New England. For more about the band visit


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