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New 2021 Lunch Releases:

  • Tell "Stir Crazy" Album (Out RSD 6/12/21)

  • Delta Haints <> The Ghost Wolves Split 7" (Out RSD 6/12/21)

  • Sacruhlicious "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 

      Digital LP (Out 8/7/20)

  • Orbit "Vapor Trails" (Out 10/3/20)

  • Delta Haints "Ashes Of My Mojo"

     Limited Edition 7" on Haint Blue Colored Vinyl

     Digital Single and Video (Out RSD 8/29/20)

Orbit Vapor Trails Album Art (Yellow).jp
Sacruhlicious - Original Motion Picture
The Ghost Wolves _FAST (2300 AD)_.JPG
Tell %22Stir Crazy%22 Album Cover .jpg
Delta Haints _Cars Hiss By My Window_.JP
Delta Haints 7%22 Cover_JPG.JPG
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