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Helicopter Helicopter just keep recording and recording...
... and all their hard work is about to pay off with By Starlight, the band's third full length CD in four years for Lunch Records. 

By Starlight delivers 10 fresh tracks that make good on the pop promise of H2's first two CDs, upping the ante with intelligent lyrics, Phil Spector-esque arrangements and postmodern production. By Starlight boasts sledgehammer hooks, sing along harmonies and guitar noises that originate from the bottom of the ocean and the cold depths of space. It tastes good and it smells like rock.

Formed in Boston in the spring of 1998 by dueling guitarist/vocalists Julie Chadwick and Chris Zerby, Helicopter Helicopter set out on a mission and never looked back. After only a few shows, they caught the eye of Lunch Records which immediately released the band's debut album, Squid's and Other Fishes in October of 1998. After months of relentless touring, the band retreated to the studio once again, this time with a thought of making more than just demos. Analog and Electrical Fields was the name of their second release. It was a success above expectations. A&EF landed the band lots of critical accolades, and a west coast tour of the US followed. 

In the harsh winter of 2000, the band started cutting tracks at the infamous Fort Apache and the now prestigious Q Division studio in Boston with producer / Engineer Mathew Ellard (Tanya Donelly /Juliana Hatfield). They also added their third bassist, Shawn Setaro, to solidify the rhythm section with longtime drummer Ned Gallacher.


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