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A little help from your friends (at Lunch)

Besides releasing records and supporting our artists, we also offer the following music consulting services below on a per project basis for artists, songwriters and bands at every level.

Music Licensing

Lunch Records administers the licensing rights for many of the release and artists on the label and is a one-stop for Master and Publishing sync clearances. Clearances can be approved on both side of the song within hours.

Music Supervising

Many of our artists, producers, and label staff are adept at prospecting and curating music selections for Artist playlists, TV commercials, independent films and major motion picture projects. 

Product Management

Lunch can provide product management starting with lead-off single selection, album and b-side song sequencing, product rollout suggestions, follow-up single along with release cadence across multiple platforms and DSP (Digital Service Providers).

Product Marketing and Strategy

There are so many places where you can be marketing your new release, but most artists don't  have the budget to be everywhere. Lunch can provide marketing strategy starting with the artists objectives and goals and an analysis of the artists' marketplace and then provide an optimal marketing plan thato reach those goals.

A&R: Single Selection to Album Sequencing

In a day where albums are the least popular format, they need to be best presented and sequenced to keep the listeners engaged strategically over a critical time period.

Music Production, Engineering and Mastering

Throughout the years we have  built up quite a network of talented Producers, Audio Engineers, Mastering Engineers and Mobile Recording Teams.

For a free proposal on the above consulting services simply send us an email to:


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