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The amazingly spooky sounds of The Coronet Premiers. 

Head CP Rich Gilbert musically guides their debut self-titled CD between textures and soundscapes reminiscent of "The Good the Bad and Ugly" (Ennio Moricone) and "The Virgin Suicides" (AIR) soundtracks. 

For those of you who don't know Rich Gilbert - Rich is a legendary guitarist! He has been part of some of the most influential bands in Boston like Human Sexual Response, The Zulus, and Concussion Ensemble, Tanya Donelly and Frank Black and the Catholics. Throughout Rich's career he has played on recordings by Uncle Tupelo, Steve Wynn, Throwing Muses, The Lemonheads, Steve Westfield and England's The Family Cat. In between recordings session and touring Rich has formed several side projects such as Crown Electric Company, Condo Pygmies, Country Bumpkins, CLOWN, The United States to name a few. And now The Coronet Premiers. The Coronet Premiers are an all instrumental group (so far). 

Their music is revolving around a guitar, bass, organ, piano and accordion lineup but also uses various other instruments such as a santir, banjo, mellotron, dobro, pedal steel, theremin and synthesizer. Where previous projects like The Concussion Ensemble had 3 drummers. The Coronet Premiers have none! 

"We've used a drummer in the past and will probably do so again in the future, but on this recording we have opted not to," states Gilbert. Too bad, because he (Malcolm Travis, formerly of Sugar, Concussion Ensemble, The Zulus, and Human Sexual Response) is a fantastic drummer. Maybe next time.

" I'm very proud to Rich and company on board at Lunch" adds Paul Buckley, Lunch Records Label Head. "Everyone on the label is in compliance that he is a guitar god!" "But don't take my word for it! Listen for yourself and enjoy." 

Who Are The Coronet Premiers?

Rich Gilbert: Was a founding member of Human Sexual Response, The Zulus, and Concussion Ensemble. Since then he has toured and recorded with Steve Wynn (x-Dream Syndicate) and Tanya Donelly (x-Throwing Muses, x-Belly). He currently is the lead guitarist/pedal steel/keyboardist for Frank Black and the Catholics. 

Mike Brown: Played guitar with Rich G. in Concussion Ensemble. Also played in Tomato Monkey and The Condo Pygmies. 

Rich Cortese: Also played in Concussion Ensemble and before that, The Zulus.

Suzi Lee: For many years Suzi was the striking accordionist/keyboardist with Slide. She is also a solo recording artist with one release so far (Suzi Lee- Blue).

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