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Vic Firecracker

After several years of recording and producing bands. Robert Logan finally releases his song writing skills in the form of his band, Vic Firecracker.

The result is a wonderful debut called "Mixed not Mastered" (6 song e.p.). Logan wrote, recorded, produced and played most of the instruments along with bassist Pat Campbell a host of guest musicians on "Mixed not Mastered."


Some say the peoples’ band! Vic Firecracker is the underdog that is finally getting out from under. Their discerning approach is not far from the aggressive sounds of Mission of Burma and Jawbox while maintaining melodic control that conjures the textures of Rex and Sunny Day Real Estate. 

Vic Firecracker have been touring since 1995 up and down the east coast when they released their first of three demo tapes followed by a spilt 7" single on Lunch Records with Orbit. Other releases include a sultry version of Van Halen's "Little Guitars" for the Van Halen Tribute CD on Cherry Disc. 

Vic Firecracker have currently recorded an EP for Man with A Gun Records, check it out at


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