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MAKI (Richmond, VA)

Formed out of Milwaukee's The Blow Pops (Get Hip Records) and Manchester, NH's Wobble Test, Richmond, VA's Maki roots cross several state lines, two time zones and feature members of the bands SPARKLEHORSE, KOESTER, and CROOKER FINGERS. Here is their storied story.

Tim and John were high school buddies playing in garage bands in Manchester, NH. Thinking there was more out there than just the venues of southern New Hampshire, Tim and John packed their bags and headed West.

Actually, the Mid-West and chose Milwaukee as their destination to broaden their horizons. Upon coming to Milwaukee, the pair formed the band Wobble Test, an artsy indie-rock quartet that made them regulars in the burgeoning Milwaukee rock scene.

A demo tape or two later Wobble Test called it quits, and Tim and John went their separate ways. Tim soon became a member of the sugar pop outfit The Blow Pops, who went on to record several records for The Cynics "Get Hip Records" out of Pittsburgh. John played around here and there, but always stayed close to Tim. The two were regulars at the infamous Y-Knot Bar on the city's East Side.


In 1995, The Blow Pops couldn¹t elevate themselves outside of Milwaukee scene, so they called it quits. Tim turned to John for help, a few beers later; the old-time friends were once again making plans to make music again. They pair met up with scene-ster Alan Weatherhead, whose loft parties were something of legend in Milwaukee. After a few rehearsals, in early 1996 a gig was booked under the name MAKI, named after a local scene-ster and dear friend. Todd Maki.

After a year of playing the same old clubs, MAKI were looking something new. Sure enough Weatherhead accepted a job at David Lowery's Sound of Music Studios and Tim and John found the change they were looking for, plus they were not going to risk loosing Alan. Again the pair packed their bags and moved to Richmond, VA.

The drum seat was always a problem until they moved south. Richmond drummer Miquel quickly joined band. His southern hospitality and music scene connections helped get the band rooted in Richmond indie-rock scene.

After tours with Whiskeytown and Cracker, it was time to record MAKI¹s debut, the result, "Tears on the Blastshield." Recorded at the Sound of Music Studio in Richmond with Alt-country/indie-rock producer extraordinaire Brian Paulson (Superchunk/Son Volt), "Tears On the Blastshield" is a musical journey full that blends the sounds of Nick Drake and Wilco.

MAKI perform regularly throughout the East Coast. Although you’re more likely to see them as the backing band for KOESTER (Pitch-A-Tent Records), or Alan as a member of SPARKLEHORSE, or Miquel as a member of CROOKED FINGERS.


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