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Dave Aaronoff

& The Details


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Dave Aaronoff & The Details is the new rock n' roll sensation that's taking America by storm....

Dave Aaronoff formed the band after leaving the successful and raucous pop/punk band The Shods. "I wanted to play music that was a little sexier," Dave told a prospective date. The Details songs are punchy and well-crafted displaying a veritable encyclopedia of influences. Springing from a strong foundation of roots rock n' roll, and British pop, The Details play a style of music that has become a rarity. 

Dave Aaronoff spent several years as rhythm guitarist for The Shods and part- time keyboard player for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. He chose not to join the Bosstones so that he could focus on his own songs, and because they never asked him to. Now, as the front man of The Details, he is able to play his own music the way he likes it. "I think pop songs should be immediate - say what you have to say, and get out quick," Dave tells his psychologist. 

"Your First Time with The Details," the band's debut album, is a ten-song pop attack. Produced by Dave Minehan of The Neighborhoods and released by Lunch Records, "Your First Time" is already receiving national attention from girls aged 11 to 25.


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