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The Fatal Flaw

We Are What We Pretend To Be…introducing THE FATAL FLAW.

Boston's The Fatal Flaw has been gaining momentum with a playful juxtaposition of biting cynicism and shameless pop sensibility earning them distinction as a Band Worth Watching. 

The Fatal Flaw formed in early 2008 when Joel Reader, California native and pop-punk veteran, suddenly found himself band-less in the numbing cold of a Boston winter. Not one to mill about aimlessly, Reader quickly assembled a veritable who's-who of Northeast rockers. The new act featured Reader on bass and lead vocals, Zack Wells and Matt Goldman on guitars, backed by Jason Seaver on drums. 

The new bandmates immediately began to write collaboratively, creating melodies in line with Reader's traditional pop sensibility while infusing the songs with the beautiful Northeast pessimism to which he had quickly acclimated. Through compositions that question religion, the traditional work-a-day lifestyle, faith and love, the band creates a brilliant, biting new spin on traditional power-pop and rock music. 

The result is a sound that rivals some of rock's catchiest songsmiths and yet also presents a brutally honest worldview. Engaging, energetic, and thought-provoking, The Fatal Flaw captivates each successive audience they face, and are quickly earning a place among Boston's most in-demand rock acts. The Fatal Flaw may spout cynicism in their songs, but the crowds they've entertained come away with nothing but optimism for their future. 
We Are What We Pretend to Be CD out Tuesday, Nov 4, 2008 (Election day). Also available from The Fatal Flaw, the self titled "Fatal Flaw" digital EP and "Stab the Speakers" 7" single (limited edition coffee swirl colored vinyl).


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