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Four By Four: Volume 2


Bon Savants (Portland, OR / Boston, MA)
Thomas Moran ­ Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Haley - Vocals, Guitar
David Wessel - Bass
Andrew Dole - Drums

Hailing from Portland, OR, Bon Savants (means good scientist in French) re-located to Boston to spread their brand of post-rock. They've been compared to Psychedelic Furs and British Sea Power. Bon Savants could quite be the most talented band that nobody knows - until now.


The Plain Janes (Boston, MA)
Colin Mahoney - Drums
Dave Halligan - Guitar
Darren Ottaviani - Synth
Greg Britton - Vocals, Guitar
Jim Gilbert - Bass

The Plain Janes have been recently described as The
Smashing Pumpkins meets Echo and the Bunnymen. Their
darkly, drawn pop songs are full of glimmering
sonic-wash. Some of their songs are happy, even silly,
and some are sad, or dare we say tragic-but all speak
to some truth they've discovered in their lives--and
life, when observed closely, is a beautiful, silly, tragic thing.


The Living Sea (Beverly, MA)

Adam Rich - Voice
Neil Simmons - Guitar, Drums
Mike Crockett - Drums, Guitar, Voice
Andy MacKenzie Jr. - Bass

The Living Sea are a steam engine of underground punk and indie-rock reminiscent of the Stokes, Iggy Pop, and the Mars Volta. Comprised of members of There Were Wires, The Burning Paris, and the Great Northern (the latter were slated to be released on Lunch). The Living Sea delivers driving yet spooky songs in their debut recording session that will having you diving for more! Fill-up your CD players and iPods with The Living Sea and you¹ll have a hard time staying still on the beach.


Roh Delikat (Boston, MA)
Kristina Johnson - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Scott Craggs - Drums, Percussion, Bass

Kristina Johnson and Scott Craggs are making music for the new millennium. Their drum and bass and wall of guitar assault - juxtaposed with the soft delicate vocal melodies-is so refreshing. Think Ronnie Size meets NIN meets the Sundays, and then think again. Live and on record, Johnson and Craggs recreate the uncreated.

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