About Us

Welcome to Lunch Records.

If you've never heard of us it's because we spent most of the 90s and 00s under the radar. We spent our days and nights releasing records from adventurous Boston based bands including Dear LeaderTaxpayerVic FirecrackerOrbit, The Shods, Hybrasil, Helicopter Helicopter to name a few.

We had a good run for a while then the times were changing and well, we needed a break. We changed careers and started families but we never stopped listening to and seeking out new bands. We continued to stay on our never-ending quest for new music all with the hope of someday returning with new releases.


Well that day has come! We're re-launching the label in 2020, beginning with introducing new releases by Delta Haints and Sacruhlicious as well as new music by stalwarts Orbit.


Stay tuned, as there's more to hear and enjoy.